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A Cultural Extravaganza - “Ahan 2012”

Ahan - the first rays of the sun, dawned on NPS, Koramangala in the year 2003, and the light has continued to shine upon us ever since, making this the biggest cultural event of the school. This programme creates a platform for the exhibition of all kinds of talents.

Ahan, 2012 portrayed the incredible vibration of the mystical number 7 as the theme, titled 'Saptaloka' and was held on two consecutive days- November 8th and 9th , the pageant delved into the enigmatic domain of numbers to celebrate the spectacular microcosm of the number7.

The gamut of performances underscored the relevance of the number 7 in music, dance, topography, literature and mythology. While the little ones of grade 2 mesmerized the audience with a kaleidoscopic portrayal of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, the riveting performance by Grade 10 students transported the spectators to the enchanting domain of wizardry through the Harry Potter series of 7 fantasy novels. The rhythm & pulse of the seven sister states of North East India was captured through their typical dance forms after which the audience was regaled by the true essence of the Saptaswaras as embodied in the elements of nature. However, what really caught the fancy of the crowd was the spectacle of 7 colours merging miraculously into one another to craft an impressive arc of goodwill and optimism by the adorable tiny tots from Grade 1. As a fitting finale and an unabashed tribute to the Great Bard, the students of Gr. 11 brought to life the bygone characters of the Shakespearean era. In their presentation they superbly portrayed the seven basic emotions of life- love, hope, ambition, jealousy, courage, loyalty and justice- that have endured the test of time.

Speaking on the occasion, Senior Principal Dr. ( Mrs) Bindu Hari lauded the creativity and talent of the children as well as acknowledged the weeks of hard work and preparation that went into the making of this scintillating show. In the words of the Chairman, NPS Group of schools.. 'I would like to thank the students and the teachers for conceptualising and putting up such a magnificent show in which each and every child of the school had a role to play. It has always been our endeavour to nurture the unique talents inherent our students and provide them with opportunities to display the same'

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