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Ahan 2015

Ahan 2015- the triennial cultural extravaganza of National Public School, Koramangala had as its theme 'Balyotsav', a celebration of childhood. It was an attempt by the students to harness the quicksilver moments of childhood and present the most enigmatic phase in life as a magical labyrinth.

The two- day extravaganza was a cultural potpourri, fusing together the ancient and modern, while exploring the diverse facets of childhood in all its glory. From the innocent naivete' of Mowgli to the divine prankster Krishna, the child prodigy Mozart to the curiosity of Alice, the reverent Ekalavya to the phoenix Malala, the bravery award recipient Riya Choudhary to the Vontrapp family bonding and the unparalleled grit and valour of the all time hero Abhimanyu, it was a true visual treat of the highest order. The crowning stroke was the resounding musical flow of the grand choir and the impeccable narration that complemented the performance on stage to excellence.

Director, NPS group of schools, Dr. Bindu Hari applauded the ingenuity, skill and ease with which each and every student enlivened the theme 'Balyotsav'. Dr. Bindu made a special mention of the perfectly synchronized and rhapsodic musical choir.

'Balyotsav' was a modest plea from the students to hold childhood in reverence and to not judge it for good or ill. The finale fusion song resonated the same thought and left the audience with a precious note to protect children from abuse and exploitation so that they can make this world a better place to live in.

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