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World Environment Day with a Difference

On the 5th of June, 2014, World Environment Day was celebrated by Planet Earth. NPS Koramangala, however, decided this year, that a single day in an entire year is far too little time to truly understand the importance of the environment and the grave danger we face should we continue to neglect its condition. Therefore, the students resolved to devote the entire month towards the environment - an Environment Awareness month not just an Environment Awareness day.

June saw a multitude of events that aimed to imprint in the minds of impressionable, young students the severity of the damage we are wreaking across Mother Earth; however inadvertently. Striving to create citizens of the future who are aware of their collective responsibility, a Poster Making competition about saving sparrows and an Extempore competition on the hazards of mobile towers were conducted to show how even the most seemingly innocuous of changes to the ecosystem can have a massive impact. As a part of the Assembly on the occasion of the school's Founder's Day on 19th June, Nikhil Tony Idiculla, a Grade 10 student, addressed the school on the topic, "Raise Awareness not the Sea Level". These events helped drive home the message that the impact we have on the environment, although accidental, is highly destructive. NPS Koramangala is setting the pace for the revolution that must follow; one of awareness and active positive action.

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