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A Cultural Extravaganza - “Ahan 2009”

A Cultural Extravaganza

AHAN, 2009 was a special day which encapsulates all the creativity, the ability, the thoughts and the energies of its students. The theme this time was Namma Bengaluru and the programme was called "Bengaluru, Ondu Kathe". The story of Bengaluru was weaved magically starting from its history to the modern metropolis it is today.

The students of Grade 1 put up a beautiful and endearing show on how Bengaluru got its name from benda kaalu (boiled beans). The grades 2 and 7 students presented the story of origin of Cauvery and paid tribute to the majesty and life-giving nature of the river which is the lifeline of Bengaluru. The grades 3 and 6 effectively enacted the roles of the students who are out on a picnic and who visit the various landmarks of Bengaluru. A harvest dance presented by these students dressed as scarecrows and farmers was greeted with loud cheers.

The grade 4 and 7 students depicted the scenes at various locations of our very own Bengaluru Habba - the Odissi dancers at Nrityagram, the artisans at the Palace Ground, the folk dances such as Karaga, Kolaata, Dollu Kunitha, Kamsaale, Nandidwaja, all were so ably performed that they truly reflected the costumes, energy, grace and styles of the traditional folk dancers. The Yakshagana performed by the students of grades 5 and 7 was one of the showstoppers. Everything about it - the costume, the make-up and the performance, drew a thunderous applause from the audience.

Kannada theatre was brilliantly depicted by senior students (of grades 9 - 11) as a series of short sequences from the plays of greats like Gubbi Veeranna, Master Hiranyya, Girish Karnad and others. A rendition of TPK's humour drew a spontaneous loud cheer from the knowledgeable members of the audience.

What is a city without its people? The grade 5 and the senior students, dressed up as different important personalities - Dr. Rajkumar, Rahul Dravid, Maj. Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Ramakrishna Hegde, Margaret Alva, Ms. Kiran Mazumdar, Mr. Narayan Murthy, Gangubai Hangal and a host of others. The personalities in their appropriate costume and look, drew applause as they walked the ramp.

Daily lives of the Bangaloreans was shown through the medium of pantomime with all the characters coming alive and well-enacted by the students on stage. Students of grade 5 presented a fitting finale in the form of a well-coordinated vigorous dance to a light number the likes of which are popular with the gen-next in Bengaluru. The finale in the senior school programme was a dance that was an spectacular amalgamation of jazz, hip-hop and salsa.

Pursuit of perfection and a display of high standards in all aspects of a cultural programme were the hallmarks of the extravaganza called AHAN, 2009

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