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The Rice Bowl of India – Andhra Pradesh

The students of Grade 2B, having witnessed the assemblies of the higher classes, was all eager to embark on their journey of discovery of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

A diary note regarding the same ignited the flames of curiosity and students with the help of parents came up with interesting facts about the state. Excited quips about Andhra Pradesh being birth place of the world – famous Kohinoor diamond, the state being called Rice bowl of India, the fascinating thousand pillar temple , the divine tirupati temple , the strange Borra and Belum caves , the historical Charminar and the recent Telangana movement were all the part of the school day.

The topics also coverd the geographical location , history of the land , major cities of the state, key tourist attractions , traditional cusine , music , unique handicrafts and dances of the state.

The students dressed themselves in the traditional attire of the state and presented their lines with clarity and confidence. Their explanations were aptly supported by pictures on a Powerpoint Presentation at the background. It also included 2 short videos – musical journey showcasing the high points of Andhra Pradesh and other a clip of Tholubommalata – Traditional form of Puppetry. Two group songs and Kolatta dance were also the part of the assembly.

This assembly was followed by a class display where the class was set to display the essence of Andhra Pradesh. The display included charts, models, lip – smacking cuisine, and handicrafts which were meticulously collected or mmade and spoke about the same to students and teachers. Models of Sri Tirupati Venkateshwara temple and the ISRO Space center were note worthy.

In all, it was a Journey of immense excitement, discovery and learning. The feeling of satisfaction of a purpose achieved surely was worth all the effort it involved.

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