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Class 2

    Class 2A

Discovering Myself

To discover one self is one of the most difficult tasks ever. Yet the students of Grade 2A tried to venture into that realm of the great souls only to emerge victorious. It was sheer exhibition of self confidence and that helped them shed their inhibitions and ascertain what they are capable of. Truly a remarkable discovery that would help them go a long way.

    Class 2B

Try till you suceed

Grade 2 B students through their class assembly reiterated the fact that success is the hallmark of all sincere efforts put in and to keep on trying until one achieves it.

    Class 2C

Children's Day

A solemn promise was made to Chacha Nehru by the students of Grade 2C on the occasion of Children's Day that they would help fulfill his dream of a progressive and prosperous India. It was a tasteful display by the students, most appropriate to the occasion.

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