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Class 3

    Class 3A

Literacy Day

To crack the code of writing needs expertise and if it culminates in accumulation of knowledge it is a rare honour. The students of Grade 3 A undertook a journey of revelation from ancient times to the present, through the world of learning ,to mark the Literacy Day The experiences they traversed were vast and numerous. This novel learning experience undeniably widened their horizons.

    Class 3B

Ganesh Chathurthi

Ganesh Chathurthi marks the beginning of all festivals. The students of Grade 3... brought to life Lord Ganesha, in all his glory, perpetuating goodness all over. Apart from highlighting the rich culture of India embedded in its legends, the presentation highlighted the need to oust the obstacles that disconnect people from one another.

    Class 3C

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festivals are celebrated all over the world with much reverence. India being the land of multifarious festivals celebrates each of it with even more of fervour. Be it worshipping the heavenly bodies or Mother Earth , students of grade 3C did it all through various dance forms, songs and skit. Needless to say they enjoyed every bit of it along with the audience.

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