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Class 4

    Class 4A

Give a little Get a lot

'No one has ever become poor by giving.'- The students of Grade 4 A gave a lot of thought to this saying before conceptualizing their plot. The outcome was an extraordinary presentation of a very simple idea. The students gave their complete selves to the presentation to get a lot of appreciation.

    Class 4B

Indian Independence day

Grade 4C took the audience down memory lane to a point in time when Modern India began its tryst with destiny. 14th August 1947 is a day to be ear marked as significant in every Indian's diary of events. A sense of patriotism reverberated in the air as the fourth graders sang and danced to various tunes to commemorate the day.

    Class 4C

Raksha Bandhan

The inseparable bond of love and affection of a sister for her brother was brought out effectively by the students of Grade 4C. Apart from highlighting this most beautiful relationship, the students underlined the notion that everybody should live in harmonious coexistence with each other.

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