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Class 5

    Class 5A

Doctor's Day

Grade 5 A students got into the shoes of a doctor on the occasion of Doctor's Day and gently reminded the viewers the critical role the doctor's play in our lives. Eminent doctors of India were remembered along with a skit highlighting the trust doctors build up in their patients.

    Class 5B

Co-existence in Harmony

Animals are an integral part of our existence and the students of 5B tried to put forward the point that it is high time we as humans co-exist harmoniously with them. The presentation brought to life, Mira Farms -a haven for dependent animals, in all its splendour. A grand musical finale drew the curtains to the show.

    Class 5C

Human Values

What are humans without their core values? Students of 5 C told the world just that. They enlightened the audience with their thought provoking ideals for a good living. They took a vow to practice these principles and be role models in their respective fields. This reassurance from their part is just what we need to make this world a better place.

    Class 5D


Be it nuclear or joint, a family is dear to our hearts. Grade 5 D explored the changes that have come about in our family set up from then to now. The unseen ties that bind the members of a family were implicitly brought out through a skit. The students tried to bring home the point that even though family systems seem to be altering and evolving world over, the core set up still remains the same.

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