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Accolades for the well-organised study tour to France and Switzerland!

Dear Madam,

At the outset, our warmest thanks to the management and teacher –organisers, Mrs.Manisha Mishra, Mrs. Vidhya Sunderamurty and Mrs. Pramila Menon for meticulously planning the trip to the minutest detail and effectively coordinating the itinerary  with the tour operators, SOTC.

Travelling is most certainly beneficial to students as it helps broaden their vision and outlook . Besides these obvious benefits derived, travelling with friends and teachers has provided the children with new learning experiences in inter-personal relationships  which helps develop their inner personalities in the long run. This, we feel is very urgently needed in today's nuclear family set up.

 Our special thanks to the three teachers who accompanied the children and to Mrs.Manisha Mishra for spearheading the trip and going the extra mile to make the children comfortable.  Thanks also to the tour operators SOTC, for all the arrangements made.

Finally, our appreciation to the school for treading  a path that most schools shy away from, due to the huge responsibility that an overseas  trip calls for. Thank you.

Parents of Shraya Ravichandran

Ravichandran and Shobha Ravichandran

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