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August's 'Fun Fridays' at National Public School, Koramangala began in a green, healthy and aromatic way. This interesting programme on 10th August was organised by 'Cloud Mentor.' Mr.Nikhil Gambhir of 'Cloud Mentor' had the programme carefully planned and graded. Students of grades 1 and 2 were an excited lot, learning about the 'Touch-me-not' plant. The students were thrilled beyond words to take home a potted 'Touch-me-not' each.

Grades 3 and 4 were a healthier lot by gaining a great deal of knowledge about the benefits of sprouts and how to make them at home. The students' enthusiasm knew no bounds when they got a 'sprout making' cup each – an encouragement to healthy eating.

'Spiced up,' an interesting programme on herbs and spices had an enthralled audience in the students of grade 5. Students of grade 5 literally got a feel and taste of various herbs and spices. The aroma and taste of these herbs and spices lingers on! Fridays are days students of grades 1 to 5 here look forward to.

Yet another month of fun and learning at National Public School, Koramangala! Fun Fridays brought in a store of stories in Hindi on August 3rd. These stories, riddled with morals was enacted by the Hindi teachers for grades 1 to 4.

The Olympic fever had hardly died down when on August 17th, well-known author Roopa Pai, regaled the students of grades 1 to 5 with information on the lives of our Olympic champions. 'Super Six' was a programme which exposed the students to facts and figures in the area of Indian sports. This was followed by an interesting quiz.

Puppets never fail to entertain children. The students of the primary classes were entertained by an interesting puppet show by the renowned puppeteer Shri.Ranganath Rao.

The last Friday of the month juggled the senses of the students. Master juggler Gunjan Saraf kept the young audience spellbound with his juggling antics. Students of grade 5 even tried their hand at the act. It was an informative, exciting and thrilling end to the month's Friday activities. The students of the primary grades are waiting eagerly to see what else is in store in the Fridays to come.

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