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Musically Ears - Chitravina N Ravikiran Enthrals a Young Audience

It was an eagerly awaited Friday by the students of National Public School, Koramangala.

Regarded as one of the greatest slide instrumentalist in the world, Shri N.Ravikiran has presented chitravina recitals from the age of 11, all over the world. The Los Angeles Times hailed him as 'an arresting virtuoso.' He has played in major international festivals including the Millennium Festival in the UK. He has composed innovative music in collaboration with top world music artistes. Shri Ravikiran has performed jugalbandis with top calibre artistes of both north and south India including Dr.M.Balamuralikrisna, Smt.Girija Devi, Pt.Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Dr.Ramani. He has composed over 600 traditional music and dance creations.

The music maestro stunned the young audience with his melodious renditions on his instrument, the 'chitravina.' Rendering a perfect blend of ragas and thalas, Shri Ravikiran touched the soul strings of the students, keeping them spellbound in his enchanting music. Adding to the enthusiasm of the already ecstatic audience, Shri Ravikiran answered various questions by the students about the chitravina.

Wrapping up the musically interactive session, Shri Ravikiran played a Purandaradasa composition in raga Sindhu Bhairavi, to mellifluous perfection. It was a mesmerising session of Fun Friday at NPS, Koramangala. 'The music in their heart they bore, long after it was heard no more'- such a treat to art and culture is eagerly looked forward to by the students week after week.

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