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Finding the right school is all about finding the right environment for a child and we at NPS, Koramangala strive with the same goal in mind. Admission to National Public School, Koramangala, is open to all children from Kindergarten, Grades 2 to 9 and 11, irrespective of caste, creed, race, region or gender. We have Montessori environments run by the Global Educational Consultancy Services for the promotion of Global Montessori Centre, an exclusive Montessori programme for the young children.

A large number of parents are seeking admission to National Public School, Koramangala. We would like to inform every parent that we have very limited seats available for Montessori and Kindergarten classes. As per the policy and directive of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), we have the following guidelines for admission. Even the department of education follows the same.

  1. The first priority is for siblings. Applications from siblings are usually more than twice the number of seats available.
  2. The second priority is for children of our teachers and other staff members.
  3. Priority for admission is also listed for alumni of our school. As you are aware, NPS has been functioning since 1959. Children of the alumni group are also too many.
  4. The next preference is for the nationally mobile group, including central services and other transferable services of India.
  5. There is also another category of people who are internationally mobile coming from schools outside India. Bangalore is seeing a large number of this migratory group who are seeking admission to NPS.
  6. Now the government prioritises admission for minorities from different states of India to promote national integration.
  7. Applications for admission to KG II are not accepted as there is no vacancy.
  8. Admission to other classes will depend upon the vacancies likely to arise on account of withdrawal due to parents' transfer.
To have an effective teaching learning process, we maintain limited class strength. Considering the limited number of seats available, it is expected that those who seek admission will realize and understand the constraints the institution faces. The disappointment of not getting admission should not become a matter of unhappiness among parents.

Process for Admission for Montessori and Kindergarten. Click Here

Process for Admission for Class XI (CBSE) - All India Senior School Certificate. Click Here

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