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The Rich state of Gujarat

Grade 2A presented their class assembly titled “Rich state of Gujarat” on 22/11/13 in the school auditorium. The script was well written keeping in mind the rich culture and heritage of the state of Gujarat. The children spoke about the states location, economic history , famous personalities , politics , language , its white revolution (Amul), culture , food,dances, musical instruments , songs , kite festival , Makar Sankranti , crops, religious places , Gir forest , beaches , Kutch festival , vibrant tradition of handicrafts , sanctuary etc.

Each child was an active participant and shared a few lines which they rehearsed everyday with lot of zeal and practice.

The students danced to the famous song “Dholi Taro”, sang Gujarati song and enacted the famous “Dandi March” by Mahatma Gandhi skit.

This assembly was followed by a class display on Gujarat, from posters to models, costumes to handicrafts, food to anything and everything from Gujarat. It was a colourful treat to all eyes.

This brought about a lot of learning and sharing amongst the students, staff and parents.

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