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Class Assembly Grade 3C – Maharashtra

In continuation with the state wise assemblies conducted by the primary classes to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of the different states of India, grade 3 C put up a vibrant show to depict the state of Maharashtra.

The students of 3 C dressed in traditional attire took the primary classes on a fun filled journey to Maharashtra, giving them information on the third largest state of India. The journey included a tour of the important cities in Maharashtra, places of tourist interest, famous personalities, the traditional food and the festivals celebrated there.

Apart from the journey through the state, the students were not only updated with the latest news from news desk, thought for the day, an energetic dance but also an interesting quiz.

The assembly was followed by a class display the same day. The students of 3 C showcased the art, culture, artefacts etc from the state.

It was a great learning and enriching experience for the students of not only 3C but also for the audience.

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