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Newsletter for the month June, 2013

Dear Parents,

Welcome to yet another exciting year at National Public School-Koramangala. Each year we look forward to the new academic session with great expectations and unbridled enthusiasm. Though a calendar year has 365 days, at NPS- KRM, we plan and compress it all within the academic year of about 200 days.

We are thrilled to report that 2013 – 2014 got off to an extremely positive start! The first month was filled with exciting events that have set the foundation for a great year ahead.

School re-opened on June 5th with the Senior Principal Dr. Bindu Hari welcoming the students during the Morning Assembly on their first day. In her address, she congratulated the students and the faculty for having secured exceptional results in the Board exams and motivated the current batch to outshine their peers. It was an honour for the school, when 18 students of Grade12 (batch of 2012-13) were declared eligible for the Scholarship in Higher Education (SHE). This prestigious scholarship is awarded by the Government of India under the INSPIRE scheme to students who come in the top 1% of the candidates who give the AISSCE examination every year. The cut-off marks this year was 473/500. SHE carries a cash award of Rs. 80,000 p.a. for pursuing higher studies in the Pure Sciences.

Shrigyan Brahmachari of Grade 8 (currently grade 9) made the school proud by securing International Rank 1 in the 6th IMO Olympiad held in 2012-13. He received a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and a gold medal. Continuing the winning streak, our team of Grade10 students, comprising Pratik Mohapatra, Aditya Gulati and Anshuman Mitra secured the 8th position out of 70 participating teams at the World Robo Fest, held at Michigan, USA in May 2013.

Pratik Mohapatra of Grade10 was also recognised by Microsoft for developing an app called the Calculator Hub, which is a combination of six calculators on one screen. The commendable achievements by our students indeed set the start for an ambitious year for all of us at NPS-KRM.

June 5 deserves a special mention as World Environment Day was given its due importance in the school agenda. During the Assembly, Pratik Ramesh of Grade 12 reminded the students about the environmental hazards faced by our planet. In keeping with the motto for this year- “Think, Eat, Save”- students and teachers pledged to reduce their ‘’food’’ print and recycle all waste. A Poster Making Competition was held for Grades 9-12 in order to get students proactively involved and set them thinking of the food crisis faced by our nation today. As an on-going system in our school, collecting discarded paper for recycling took a giant leap forward when the school was able to send a mammoth 700 kgs waste paper ( collected over the course of last year) for recycling and reuse to Khadi Gram Udyog.

June 19 is Founder’s Day. It is with a sense of pride, that all of us celebrated the first decade of NPS-KRM this year. An inspirational and a stimulating skit on RTE along with emphasis on women empowerment was the focus of the Grade 12 Assembly. The Founder Chairman, Dr K. P. Gopalkrishna and Senior Principal, Dr. Bindu Hari magnanimously congratulated the faculty and students for the phenomenal success achieved by the institution in just 10 years.

June 21st marked the day for yet another celebration- the International Music Day. The school ethos of appreciating culture and art allowed the students to enjoy this day in its full richness. Students of grades 9, 10 and 11 put up a mellifluous “Jugalbandi” of Hindustani and Carnatic music. Students were also treated to a live performance by the famous singer Mrs Tara Kini. She has the distinction of being instrumental in compiling Kabir’s verses into a documentary. She mesmerized the students with Rajasthani folk music and also gave them an insight into Taiwanese music, thus making the experience truly international.

The Investiture Ceremony, held on 25th June, was a huge success with student leaders taking over the mantle of responsibility and pledging to live up to the school motto of “Reach out, Reach high and Reach beyond!” The School Prefect and House Captains were elected by the senior students and the faculty through the egalitarian process of voting. It was a firsthand experience for students to appreciate the democratic process of elections in our country. The Student Council introduced themselves to all classes and promised to lead by example.

June also marked the onset of our fun filled day trips to TISB for all grades. Year after year, TISB never fails to entice the students with its lush green expanses of space and freedom to play all day. Students look forward to this first break from their rigorous study schedule with eagerness and joy.

Grades 4 and 7 got an opportunity to attend the play "Ali Baba and the 40 thieves" presented by the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama in Rangashankara. The students came back full of praise and appreciation for "live" theatre.

Grades 10 to 12 attended a career counselling session by Mr Shiv Dewan from One Step Up Learning. On Day 1 (28th June) he spoke about the variety of career options- from the IAS to Radio Jockeying- available to students today. Students who registered for the workshop on Day 2 (2 July) had an exhaustive three hour session with Mr. Dewan wherein several courses and how to apply to colleges that offer these streams ( including off beat ones) were discussed at length. Videos, multi-media presentations and Q &A sessions were a part of the work shop.

The Inter House competitions began with Grades 6-8 becoming actively involved in Pencil Sketching on the topic, “A Busy Street”. The students also created vibrant flower bouquets in the Origami Competition in order to see their respective Houses triumph.

In the first Inter-school competition for this academic year, Nishant Panicker and Sneha Majumdar of Grade X emerged winners in the Music Competition conducted by Vijaya Bank. The Early Learning years of a student provide the foundation for his future success and yes, no parent can be immune to the first day of their tiny tot in school. Our Kindergarten and Montessori classes had jubilant first days with most of the kids coming to school, happy and cheerful. Those few who had tears rolling down their cheeks soon settled into the school routine comfortably and could be seen smiling by the end of the week. The secure, comfortable and warm ambience in our pre-school classrooms goes a long way in making this possible in such a short span of time.

The topic “Colours” was flamboyantly dealt with in the kindergarten classes. The week-long teaching about Primary and Rainbow colours culminated in “Colour Day” with the children coming dressed to school in one of the assigned colours. They also carried snacks associated with their class colour. This novel activity indeed added a radiant ‘hue’’ to the cheer and festivity already existing in their classrooms.

It has always been a relentless effort on our part to provide holistic education to the students of NPS-KRM. This time around, we have attempted to expedite learning through the introduction of ‘E- Books’ for the little ones of Grade 1. All Grade 1 classrooms have been suitably equipped to facilitate multi-media presentation. The classes will be dealing with 8 topics in detail via videos, slides and books that bring alive these themes for the young learners.

The “Travelogue” programme for the Primary classes has been envisaged as an eye opener for our students. It aims to foster in them gratitude for the freedom we enjoy but very often take for granted as well as appreciation for our country’s cultural diversity. Weekly Class Assemblies will be integrated with this programme to facilitate learning about the major states of India. Classroom Exhibitions will give every class an opportunity to aesthetically display all that belongs to a specific state. Students will get to see and learn about costumes, cuisine, monuments, festivals, handicrafts that pertain to a particular state and much more. Every assembly in this series will open the door to all that makes our country so special and unique. At NPS- KRM we believe in instilling in our students proactive citizenship and love for one’s country and this is a small step on our part towards it.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin,’’ said Mother Teresa. Thank you for your unflinching support in all our endeavours. We shall be back next month with plentiful more.

Mrs Sudha Balan
Principal .

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