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Newsletter for the month September, 2013

Dear Parents,

The month of September set off to a scintillating start with a potent combination of study tours and trips, revision towards Summative Assessment 1, festivities and celebrations.

On the 5th of September, Teachers’ Day was celebrated with gaiety and exuberance . It was a magnificent show replete with skits, songs, dances and fun-filled games organised by the students for their teachers. All faculty members wore blue- as desired by the students- to express harmony. The teachers were overwhelmed by the love and affection showered on them by their dear students on this very special day.

In the course of their Travelogue, the primary grades further explored the Seven Sisters and Uttar Pradesh. As always, the assemblies were pulsating and engaging while the classroom displays were informative, wide-ranging and enlightening.

The primary classes went on outbound learning trips in the last month of Semester 1. These trips provided students with memorable and exciting experiences, besides being helping them assimilate and synthesize information learnt in class. Students enjoyed spending time with their friends and teachers in an informal ambience just before school closed for the Dussehra break.

Grade 2 visited ISKCON as a part of the topic “Places of Worship” in the curriculum. It was an instructive and novel experience as the students enjoyed a day of celebration and festivity. Children learnt to respect all religions and understood the importance of moral values and secularism. This was one of the many trips to different places of worship.

Grade 3 students went to Banerghatta National Park as part of their experiential learning excursions. They were delighted to observe a variety of animals, birds and insects in the zoo. Squeals of excitement and curiosity filled the surroundings when they saw the majestic leopard, the enormous elephant, the flightless ostrich, the multi-coloured macaw and the slithering snakes.

Grade 4 students visited the Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Students watched the Taramandal Show, the 3-D Show and the Science Show besides enjoying various exhibits at the museum. It was a hands-on experience for the students as it provided an experiential "text" for students to study and discuss.

Grade 5 students got the opportunity to visit the Bangalore Meteorological Department. It was an extremely interesting and stimulating trip as it provided an insight into the working of this sector. Students observed how various instruments like the anemometer, the barometer and different rain gauges aid in weather forecasts. They also understood how the “All Weather Station” functions to relay weather updates using satellites all over the country. This learning was further enhanced when they returned to school and prepared their own weather graphs and wind-vanes.

After a comprehensive and intensive term replete with academic work, Grade 12 students set off on the much awaited 3 day trip to Coorg. It was a welcome break in the routine for both students and teachers and proved to be a fun bonding experience for everyone involved.

The class magazines of each section from Grade 6 upwards are in the process of completion and compilation. Each student in a class makes a contribution in the form of articles, jokes, crosswords, drawings, sketches, personal experiences and much more. This is edited and reviewed by the students themselves before being spiral bound to create a class magazine. It acts as a platform for each student to exhibit his/her creative and literary talent. Students also enjoy browsing through the magazines in the school library in their spare time. The entire process provides them an outlet for their unbridled imagination.

The “e-books” introduced in Grade 1 this academic year saw the completion of one term. They received an enthusiastic response from the children and it was heartening to see a marked rise in classroom interaction. In a similar vein, The Enquiry Based Learning topics dealt with in Grades 2-5 were extremely successful and productive. Students lent themselves completely to the concept and enjoyed doing their lessons. As part of our global assessments, we started with the National Cyber Olympiad, the first in the series of many to follow.

Environmental Education went on in full swing with various classes engaged in making paper bags, envelopes, coasters and photo frames from recycled paper and CDs, thereby empowering children to assume responsibility for creating a sustainable future.

The month also saw two important festivals being celebrated with fervour and joy. Ganesh Chaturthi, now considered a secular festival, is celebrated by people of all backgrounds with zeal and enthusiasm. Our kindergarteners associate the festival with their lovable elephant God and delectable ‘laddoos’. They were creatively occupied with colourful craft work depicting Lord Ganesha for their bulletin boards. On Onam day, students of Grades IX & X created a spectacular floral carpet with flowers of various hues at the entrance to the school. Teachers dressed in the traditional attire of Kerala only added to the festive mood.

The Semester End Examinations and the Summative 1 Examinations for various grades started off with mixed feelings of anxiety, preparedness, concentration and determination. Students were all motivated to perform well and earn a great report card for themselves.

Visitors to the school this month included the Principal of TISB Mr Peter Armstrong, Mr. Damodar Rao, Secretary of the Bangalore Chapter of the Indian Epilepsy Foundation and Dr Kiran Murthy, a physiotherapist who is also associated with the Parijma Neurodiagnostic and Rehabilitation Centre.

Further to our last month’s newsletter, where we had mentioned about our team being chosen for the “Young Talent Search in Programming Competition” held by CSI, we are proud to announce that the team will now head to Colombo, Sri Lanka to represent India at SEARCC 2013 from 24th to 27th October 2013. We also have another team, comprising six students from Grade 12, who are off to represent India in “Battle of Ideas”- a debating competition organised by the British Council in association with the Institute of Ideas. The debate will be held at the Barbican Theatre, London, UK on the 19th & 20th of October, 2013. Our students ousted teams from over 350 schools at the National Level to reach this position. We wish each and every one of them the very best in their endeavour as they bring international laurels to our school.

We take this opportunity to wish all our parents and students, Happy Dussehra holidays. We hope to see our students come back with fresh vigour and renewed energy to ensure maximum and optimal performance, especially with Sports Day 2013 being right round the corner.

For all of you who eagerly await the monthly newsletter to keep abreast of all activities and events in school, we leave you now, only to be back in the first week of December. We shall combine the short period of October when the school functions with the month of November to bring you an update in December.

Looking forward to an exhilarating Second Semester, with plenty more happening!

Ms. Sudha Balan

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