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Newsletter for the month January 2014

Dear Parents,

Though it may seem well into the year 2014, we still would like to begin this newsletter by wishing all our parents a very Happy New Year. It was a month replete with field trips, exams, assessments and plenty more.

Grade 12 students spent the second half of January gearing up for their Graduation Day ceremony to be held in February. Rehearsals and preparations were on with great gusto and delight. Students were also seen signing shirts, mementos, asking teachers to write in their memory books and enjoying their last few days in school to the fullest.  The spectacular yet solemn ceremony was held on 1st February 2014 and Dr S.T. Ramesh, D.I.G. of Police (Retd.)was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The ceremony was also graced by Dr K.P. Gopalkrishna, Chairman, NPS group of schools and Director, Dr. Bindu Hari along with other dignitaries.

The highlight of the month was the Kindergarten and Montessori Annual Day, "Tots and Tunes" on January 25th 2014. The theme - "NPS Dhamaka TV Channel Launch"- was replete with parades, songs, dances, aerobics, animal tales, mythology and humour and had the audience of over 500 parents riveted to their seats.

The interest amongst youngsters today in the world of business is incredible. Keeping this in mind, NPS group of schools initiated a project to introduce Entrepreneurship training for Grade 6 students, last year. The learning objectives of this activity include the fundamentals of business, raising capital after appealing to the venture capitalists, designing, manufacturing products, advertising it, selling it and finally completing the balance sheet to calculate profit and loss.

This year too, the project took roots in the month of August with a presentation by the students to their parents, the venture capitalists. Months of hard work, dedication and commitment culminated in the "Market Day" held in the school grounds on January 25th 2014. It was heartening to watch the young entrepreneurs convince prospective customers and sell their products to a large group of consumers. To their sheer delight, all products were sold out in record time. After refunding invested capital to the parents, the overall profit has been set aside to be sent to a charitable institution.

In keeping with the tradition, the Handing over Ceremony was conducted in a formal and solemn manner. The School Prefect, House Captains and Sports captain of Grade 12 handed over their responsibilities and duties to the Vice- School Prefect and Vice- Captains of Grade 11.Shruti Phadnis of Grade 12 B was awarded "The Best Out Going Student- 2013-14" trophy. The ceremony concluded with a short video encapsulating the years gone by for the batch of 2014, leaving many moist eyed in the auditorium.

Under the CBSE sponsored initiative our students took part in the online Katha Story Writing Competition in the month of August. More than 3500 students from over 500 CBSE schools across the country had participated in this contest. From among them, 600 students were selected to attend a 4 day workshop in Delhi from 27th to 30th December 2013. Our students have done us proud yet again! Arnesh Kundu of 8D & Shraddha Raghavan of 7C won the First Prize or the Grand Prize in their category while the Second Prize or the Laureate was won by Lasya Digvijay of 7 B.

Grade 8 students were off on their Simulation and Engineering exploration trip in the last week of January. Aviation and energy, being the theme of the day, they were exposed to different forces acting on aeroplanes. They got an opportunity to watch a live demo of actually flying an aeroplane. Energy was introduced through various interesting and inter- active videos showing alternate sources of energy. Hands on experience and experimental learning were the highlights of the day.

Grade 2 visited a well maintained and beautifully landscaped resort on January 17th, allowing students to engage in nature study and appreciate a variety of plants. They also saw birds, hamsters, fish and guinea pigs. On their way back, they stopped to see The Big Banyan Tree on Kanakpura Road, which happens to be the 4th largest tree in the world.

Grade 4 went on an educational trip to Sir Visvesvaraya Rain Water Harvesting Theme Park on January 24th. The students observed the various models of rainwater harvesting. They were given a live demonstration on how to conserve water effectively by using suitable fixtures and appliances.

Grade 5 too went for a field trip on January 10th. This trip was a perfect blend of entertainment and learning. Students enjoyed a day of games and wholesome meals, besides getting an opportunity to visit the Dairy Day Ice-cream Factory. In the factory they were taken on a guided tour where they were shown the storage, processing, packing and refrigeration units. The students were thrilled at being treated to complimentary ice-creams.

Grade 9 visited the historic island of Srirangapatnam, Mysore on January 24th for a cultural insight into the life of Tipu Sultan and the Mysore Raj of yore. It was an amazing walk through the by-lanes of history and they were excited to visit old dungeons and palaces, each with a story to tell. They also engaged in historical role plays and interactive discussion about our rich culture and heritage.

In the Sports arena, the girls' team of Under 14 won the First Place in the Founder's Trophy Basketball tournament organised by NPS, HSR, while the boys' team bagged the runners-up position.

Class 7B chose 'Our Digital Footprints' as the theme for their Class Assembly. It was an attempt to drive home the point that the footprints we leave online can never ever be wiped out. The young performers took the audience through a virtual world where posting no longer requires a postman, sharing is no longer about values and tweets are not the sounds that birds make. The presentation was a reminder to both the adults and the youngsters alike to untangle themselves from the web of technology and to build real time connections.

On 29th January, Grade 7C presented their Class Assembly on Republic day. They effectively drove home the message that Republic Day should not be restricted to a single day of patriotic jingoism. Every citizen should revive their patriotic feelings and translate it into action each day, for a better nation. The youth must take inspiration from our national heroes and work sincerely in their respective professions, keeping the nation's best interest in mind rather than mere selfish aggrandisement.

Primary school was getting ready to reach the final destination of their Travelogue with the grade 1 assemblies covering the Southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in the month of February.

Parallel to it all, the co-curricular competitions were conducted with full vim and vigour. Students across the grades competed with each other in true sportsman spirit, making the judges' work very tough. The talent and confidence shown by the students was stunning and truly commendable, winning them numerous accolades and recognition.

A year at NPS, KRM can never be just a year! Similarly, 2013-2014 has also been a year full of dynamism, challenges, events and occasions.

We enjoyed apprising our parents with news of school events, trips, competitions, students' achievements and lots more. Being connected has only strengthened our bond which is vital for the all round well being and development of our children. To conclude, we would like to thank the members of the staff, the parents and all our students who have stood by us every step of the way this past year. It has been a memorable journey. Let us look back with untold joy at the seconds, hours, weeks, days and months of invaluable experiences and unbelievable hard work put in by each and everyone at NPS- Krm.

As we wind up the news letters for this year, we wish our Grade 10 and 12 students good luck for their Board examinations.

Preksha 2014, the Annual Musical Journey, now occupies the attention and time of Grades 1-5. Students are getting ready to sing harmoniously in a multitude of languages .We wish them, a great 'tuning' for "Preksha" 2014 which is scheduled for March 7th. On the same day, while Grade 4 will display their efforts at Novel Writing, grades 1 -5 will showcase the art work completed by them in the course of the year.

All our best wishes to every student for their final exams and assessments!

To quote Oprah Winfrey, "A year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instil in us. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right."

We would like to inform you that the next mail you receive will be directed from the Chairman's Desk.

Thank you.

The Principal

Ms. Sudha Balan

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