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NPS Koramangala Visits Rajasthan

On Thursday, 30th October, 2013, Grade 3 B conducted their class assembly, showcasing the mystical state of Rajasthan. All students participated enthusiastically and enthralled the audience by giving them an in-depth knowledge of the royal state of Rajasthan.

In that little window of 40 minutes of assembly, the children had managed to put up a Rajasthani folk dance and Rajasthani folk music too. Students were shown a colourful and detailed PPT along with a captivating video showing the rustic beauty of the desert state. Apart from the journey through the vibrant state, students updated the audience with the happenings around the world in the news section. They also included jokes, thought for the day, a dance and a group song in the assembly. The icing to the assembly was an interesting quiz that was conducted for the excited audience.

This was followed by a class display and an exhibition by the grade 3B students of the artefacts, idols, clothes, jewellery and other interesting collections, depicting the culture, tradition and life style, unique to Rajasthan.

Students served jal jeera to the teachers and girls were applying mehndi to other children who visited the class.

The experience of this assembly honed the leadership and teaming skills of students; but what mattered most was they learnt about the state of Rajasthan in a fun filled and proactive manner. It was a great learning and enriching experience not only for the students of 3B, but also for all the primary grades.

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