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Land of Temples- Tamilnadu

National Public School is dedicated to the development of each student’s potential in a positive and supportive environment. Reach out, Reach high Reach beyond is the school’s motto as it believes that every student has the capacity to shine not only in academics but all facets of life. The class assemblies which are conducted every year are a wonderful platform to showcase their hidden potential and build their confidence level. This year the topic for class assembly from grade one to five was based on the Indian states. Grade 1B got the opportunity to unfold the land of temples “Tamilnadu” for the audience.

The assembly was conducted on 13.2.2014 (Thursday) in the school auditorium.

The script was written keeping in mind the important facts connected with the enriched culture state of Tamilnadu. The children spoke about its location, climate, food, crop, temples main festivals, Carnatic music,famous personalities to name a few.

The students conducted audio and visual quiz based on Tamilnadu.

It was heartening to watch the budding dancers swaying rhythmically to the famous folk dance , Kargattam.

If there was dance could song be far behind?? The children sang the song chinnachinna asai and concluded the assembly by singing the English song “By the rivers of Babylon”. The guest speaker Nandita mam appreciated the assembly and gave a moral motivating speech.

As a class teacher it was indeed a proud and privileged moment to see all her twenty nine students dressed traditionally in pavadai chattai and veshthi angavastram and delivering their speech, poem dance and song with perfection.

The assembly was supported by a power point and variety of charts based on the state of Tamil Nadu.

Could there have been a better way to gain abundant valuable knowledge and get exposed to enriching diverse culture of so many Indian states all under one roof?????? The topic for this year’s assembly has no doubt made the students of N.P.S. aware that indeed “Mera Bharat Mahaan”

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