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Class Assembly Grade 3A - Uttar Pradesh

On September 12, 2013, Class 3A presented their class assembly to the rest of the Primary Department. In keeping with the theme this year, our topic was one of the states of India. 3A chose Uttar Pradesh as their topic.

Their assembly on Uttar Pradesh was presented like a Social Studies class where they had a teacher and some students bringing forth a plethora of information on their chosen state supported by a detailed power point presentation. They touched on aspects like population, capital and other important cities, language, forest resources, economy, industry, art, history culture etc.

They also presented the news from various parts of the country and the world. There was an interesting and informative quiz conducted by the students for the rest of the children. The seriousness was as usual laced with a couple of very apt and timely jokes.

The main draw of the event was a colourful and vibrant dance depicting Raasleela with Krishna and his Gopiyas. There was also a beautiful Bhojpuri folk song presented by the students alongside the usual English Group Song.

The next day, they put up their display where beautiful and informative charts decorated the walls. A multiple of objects from the state of Uttar Pradesh adorned all the classroom furniture that had been re-arranged for the day. These included beautiful Lucknow Chikkan work, Leather goods, wood carvings, metal inlay work and of course a wonderful display of the food from Uttar Pradesh. Each child gave a prepared speech on the item they were in charge of.

Both the days ended on a happy note with the students enjoying immensely the part each played in their Assembly presentation and the Display.

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