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Count On Me

Venue: 11A

There’s more math in our lives than we expect. And the unexpected math is always more fun that regular math.
The students of grades 11 and 12 have put up a room full of math games and puzzles, from Game theory to the Mobius strip (scientific way to cut a cake) Curious? Good!

While 1 < 2

Venue: Computer Lab

From our reincarnation of classic 80’s games to the sophisticated modern world of Big Data and the Cloud, the cyber lab has it all.
The students of Grade 11 & 12 present to you the world - in more than just "bits"!

Outta Your Mind

Venue: Green Room

Explore the mysteries and marvels of the most complex organ – the human brain! Our students explore the psychology of the mind, brain games that enhance mental capacities, as well as imaging techniques that allow us to peer into our own brains!

What Makes You Beautiful

Venue: Green Room

Explore the story of life itself – from the first compound that metabolized and replicated, to disorders that affect generations of people, and spread through the very reason we live – our genes. The students of grades 11 and 12 explain the structure, processes and problems of DNA, and how to treat and detect genetic disorders.

Smooth Criminal

Venue: AV Room

Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. A well-known swimmer is found dead near a public pool. With absolutely no wounds on his body, no one can tell whether he was killed or if it was a drug overdose. The autopsy report surprisingly stated that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest and no drug was found in his system. How did a healthy athlete succumb to a heart attack? Did the killer really commit the perfect murder?


Venue: Bio Tech Room

An audiovisual presentation put together by our students explains the various phenomena we can (and cannot) see in the sky, from comets and asteroids, to black holes. The show attempts to explain the life of a star, from its birth to its death, and the various atomic and subatomic processes that take place within it.

The Dark Side of The Moon

Venue: 11B

Quantum physics, though relatively new to the field of science, is one of the most extensively researched fields in physics today. Explore Schrödinger’s equation of quantum mechanics, and an electron accelerator built by our very own students!

Homeward Bound

Venue: 8A 7A 6A

Students of grade 8 present to you a show about the kaleidoscopic diversity of our state of Karnataka! The rich history of the state, right from pre-historical times to the culturally vibrant medieval ages of the Mauryan and Chalukyan reign to the modern period of independence and post-independence era, is brought to life in this enriching show. Take a journey through Karnataka in our very class rooms.

Light and Space

Venue: 10C

This room, like a yin-yang, has both light and dark, and shows you the wonders of both light and space. Watch experiments of diffraction and lasers, to telescopes and meteors in this eye-opening room, put up by our very own 10th graders!

Chemical Rush

Venue: 10A

Chemistry has a lot of surprises in store for you in this room! Explore the wonder of chemical reactions in their magical appearance as the students of 10A put up a show of colours, effects and smells!

Hall of Ages

Venue: 10B

Millions of years ago, all that was there on Earth was single cell organisms, and that’s where all of us have come from – that’s the wonder of evolution.
Trace the story of dinosaurs, microorganisms and humans, as the students of 10B attempt to explain all the tools of evolution, and the outcomes and processes.

Welcome to the Jungle

Venue: 9D

India happens to be the 12th biggest biodiversity hotspot in the world, contributing to more than 8% of the world’s biodiversity, even though we contribute to only 2.4% of the world’s land. Wildlife, flora as well as fauna, has more unexpected and surprising aspects than we get to see in safaris and zoos. Explore all the various peculiar animals and plants in 9D!

Neon Lights

Venue: 9C

Class 9C is putting up a show for you, in a dark room, where the lights come from chemicals! Certain chemicals have the property of luminescence. Explore the many chemicals that give light in the dark, from quinine, a medicine for malaria to luminal, used in blood tests!

What Goes Around


One of the most interesting phenomena in the field of magnetism, electromagnetic induction is the principle behind many machines like Eddy waves and Electromagnetic levitation. Electromagnetic waves make up most of our information – from radio waves to light. Explore EMI in the class of 9A.


Venue: 9B

Electricity is one of the most important resources in our lives. We use it from when we wake up, to when we’re sleeping. We feel uncomfortable in the five minutes that the power goes, imagine if there was no electricity! The students of 9B explore the means of generating voltage, how to measure it, and exciting applications of it in today and the future.

We made you

Venue: 7C

Almost everything we use in our homes, our schools, and our offices is made out of plastics. Do you know what plastics are made of? How do we manufacture plastics? The students of 7C attempt to answer all of these doubts, along with the burning concerns of plastic’s effects on the environment. Find out all about plastics, from their advantages to biodegradable varieties, in 7A

Bigger Than My Body

Venue: 7B

The body is a complex system of organs and organ systems that all work in synchronization to produce the marvel of human existence. But what are these organ systems doing? The students of 7B explore the human body, revealing the marvels of each organ system, from the nervous system to the integumentary system.


Venue: 8B

Petrol prices are rising for one and only one reason – the more people use it, the less there is in our Earth. Energy is one of our most essential resources, and is depleting fast. The students of 7A have researched extensively into the subject, to provide you with answers of alternate sources of energy, and how to use energy judiciously. Explore possibilities of extracting energy from volcanoes, water and even salt!

Here Comes the Hammer

Venue: 6C

Over the past century, mankind has made immense progress in the field of technology. Machines have made our lives faster, easier and more comfortable. But all these machines came from the basic inventions that we still use everyday – simple machines. Explore the unlimited possibilities of Simple Machines as our students show you how they are used in some of the most complex and interesting technologies today.

Lemon Tree

Venue: 6B

‘Why do plants grow against gravity?’ ‘What is evapotranspiration?’ ‘How do fertilizers work?’ Find answers to all these questions and more on plants, in 6B, a room with projects dedicated to kingdom of Plantae.

Heal the World

Venue: 8C

The world we live in today is polluted in its water, its air and soil. The continuous degradation of our planet is a severe concern, and needs to be dealt with immediately, with innovation and creativity. Explore the various solutions for these growing problems, from vertical farming to efficient recycling, put up by our very own students.

Bon Appetite

Venue: Grade 1

From Organic Food to Spinning Eggs, Grade 1 will take you through the surreal journey of food. We’re warning you - be prepared to be amazed. The tiny tots have not only come to realize the benefits of eating the right food, but also that the tastiest food might not always be the healthiest!


Venue: Grade 2

It is predicted that the next World War will be a war over the water reserves as it is extremely scarce in our generation and the situation is only bound to become worse. The kids of Grade 2 have based their projects on this indispensable resource as they walk you through the plethora of ways in which water has influenced - and will continue to influence our lives!

The Green Scene

Venue: Grade 3

In this age of development and infrastructure, we sometimes fail to understand the implications of this “growth” on our environment. Watch the students of grade 3 put up their projects on methods of conserving our environment, and various other aspects of the “not so green” world around us.


Venue: Grade 4

From the humble Water Cycle to the complex concepts of Force and Pressure, the Grade 4 students will take you through a thought provoking journey comprising of a wide range of projects based on more than just the sciences.


Venue: Grade 5

The projects which have been made by the students of Grade 5 truly brings out the genius in them. The Melange of topics makes it not only interesting, but also extremely fun for you to watch as they blow your mind away with a wide array of projects based on a variety of subjects.