The Big Day is Almost Here!


What is Khoj?
Khoj, the triennial science exhibition of NPS Koramangala is back again this year, to stimulate your scientific temper! From the first invention, the wheel, to the latest in nanotechnology; from Aryabhatta to Stephen Hawking, science has come a long, long way. This Khoj, experience the story of science through exciting shows and astounding projects. Khoj is held at NPS, Koramangala once in 3 years. Khoj 2005, Khoj 2008 and Khoj 2011 were tremendous successes with our students being at their creative best! We are happy to inform you that Khoj 2014 is scheduled for 16th and 17th Oct 2014. With this exhibition we hope to stimulate scientific thought processes in students, provide exploratory experiences and encourage creative thinking through self designed models or simple apparatus.

Count On Me

Venue: 11A

There’s more math in our lives than we expect. And the unexpected math is always more fun that regular math.
The students of grades 11 and 12 have put up a room full of math games and puzzles, from Game theory to the Mobius strip (scientific way to cut a cake) Curious? Good!

While 1 < 2

Venue: Computer Lab

From our reincarnation of classic 80’s games to the sophisticated modern world of Big Data and the Cloud, the cyber lab has it all.
The students of Grade 11 & 12 present to you the world - in more than just "bits"!

Outta Your Mind

Venue: Green Room

Explore the mysteries and marvels of the most complex organ – the human brain! Our students explore the psychology of the mind, brain games that enhance mental capacities, as well as imaging techniques that allow us to peer into our own brains!

What Makes You Beautiful

Venue: Green Room

Explore the story of life itself – from the first compound that metabolized and replicated, to disorders that affect generations of people, and spread through the very reason we live – our genes. The students of grades 11 and 12 explain the structure, processes and problems of DNA, and how to treat and detect genetic disorders.

Smooth Criminal

Venue: AV Room

Murder. Mystery. Mayhem. A well-known swimmer is found dead near a public pool. With absolutely no wounds on his body, no one can tell whether he was killed or if it was a drug overdose. The autopsy report surprisingly stated that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest and no drug was found in his system. How did a healthy athlete succumb to a heart attack? Did the killer really commit the perfect murder?


Venue: Bio Tech Room

An audiovisual presentation put together by our students explains the various phenomena we can (and cannot) see in the sky, from comets and asteroids, to black holes. The show attempts to explain the life of a star, from its birth to its death, and the various atomic and subatomic processes that take place within it.

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