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Budding Scientists - “Khoj”

Khoj, a triennial exhibition on Science, Social Studies, Environmental science and Computer science was organized at NPS Koramangala on 16 and 17 October 2014 for the primary classes and high school respectively. The aim of the exhibition was to develop scientific attitude in the young generation and to make them realize the interdependence of science, technology and society. The day started with the Lighting of the Lamp by the Dean of National Public Group of Schools, Mrs Shantamma Gopalkrishna and Senior Director Principal Mrs Bindu Hari.

Khoj provided an exploratory experience, encouraging creative thinking and promoting psycho- motor skills among students through self-designed models, experiments and simple apparatus. The senior students applied the concepts they had learnt in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer Science while at the same time extending far beyond the text book world. The displays included an array of projects, live shows and models on energy conservation, astronomy, forensics, biotechnology, genetics, water management etc. What drew the crowd and won unstinted appreciation from visitors were the 'apps' create by the students of Grades 11 & 12. The exhibition also included a flood of information on the history, culture and traditions of Karnataka in the Social Studies Section. On the other hand students from Grades 1 to 5 came up with a wide range of experiments, models and exhibits dealing with topics such as healthy food, plants and their uses, water, weather and energy conservation. The show stopper was "Eye Spy" an inter school event – a treasure hunt based on scientific clues and involved solving a murder mystery! Of the ten teams which participated in this event NPS Indiranagar emerged the winners.

Khoj 2014 was a tremendous success with the ingenious and wholehearted participation of every student from grade 1 to grade 12.

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