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In today's world where every child is an individual ready to accept and willing to shoulder responsibilities, it becomes imperative that an environment suitable for such growth is provided. At NPS, Koramangala, every need of the child is respected and free reign is given to his expressions. A child can enact stories, fantasize, play games and at the same time enjoy reading and writing. The children are given freedom to explore - find answers - so they are better equipped to face whatever awaits them.


The children are given freedom to explore - find answers - so they are better equipped to face whatever awaits them. Activities that enhance learning are a continuous process at the KG level. Learning through play way helps children retain concepts without burdening them with the learning process. Worksheets, which offer a platform for creativity, are amongst the "most favourite" with children.


Craft, too, helps them create and experiment, again enabling them to give vent to their creative urges, thus gaining an awareness of relevant topics in today's times.


The children feel free to sing and dance and enjoy the variety of songs taught to them. Music classes once a week, with a trained music teacher, gives them an opportunity to sing with accompaniments.

Assemblies are a time for exercises, singing, quizzes and games. They learn to interact with others and through play, learn and retain a lot. Field trips enable the children to get a hands-on experience on various things. Visits to the bank, post office, supermarket, parks and activity centres are all part of their itinerary. In addition, their culinary efforts are applauded through sandwich and fruit-chaat parties.


The children celebrate all festivals with equal fervour - be it Independence Day, Children's Day or Christmas!


In addition at the KG 2 level the children experience one Special Day be it a Hospital Day, Carnival or Grand Parents Day.


The Environmental Science topics are covered through CD presentations. Topics ranging from good manners to safety, professions to festivals, plants to animals - all are shown in the AV room - their favourite place to relax. A break from class is always welcome - and what better place than the playground? With the child-friendly swings and open grounds for outdoor activities, the children love to play here. These 'fun times' are part of their daily schedule.

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