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Entrepreneurship Programme

The entrepreneurship program was introduced in NPS Koramangala in 2012-13 as an integrated part of the curriculum for grade 6. In the first stage of the process, the children were briefed about the program. They then chose their group members and finalized the products they would make, thereby amazing the teachers with their novel ideas. This was followed by a formal presentation of the business strategies involved, along with their company name and logo, to their parents, who were the venture capitalists. They were asked a number of challenging questions by the VCs , which they handled with deft and ease.

The second phase was the production period. Creative streaks and group dynamics was at its highest. Responsibility and discipline were accorded prime importance throughout the entire period. A display of extraordinary skill in various areas like advertisements, creating jingles, making posters was worth admiring. The children marketed the products in the school assembly. Their excitement knew no bounds as they became ready for the third and final stage of selling their products.

15th February 2013 was the culmination of the Entrepreneurship Program. The school auditorium was a hub of activity. Eager children were engaged in animated discussion as they set up their wares. A few apprehensive faces were seen here and there but on the whole the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and optimism. At 9.30 am the first parents started trickling in and within an hour and a half all the products were sold out. The children made a good profit and this amount was handed to a charitable institution identified by the school.

The exhilarating experience gave the budding entrepreneurs the requisite confidence to tackle similar ventures in the future. Kudos to them.

On completion of the programme this is what some of our budding entrepreneurs had to say :

  • "Entrepreneurship…. a small step for NPSites, a giant leap for Generation Y" - Shraddha Ragavan

  • "Profit is not the only thing that makes you happy, it is the whole experience." - Yohan Irani

  • "The project was great! We will grow up to be the next Bill Gates." - Shresht, Venkatraman , Gargi

  • "A dream that will become a reality, this is what Entrepreneurship has been for me." - Avni

  • "The key to success is teamwork and friendship. With these two, all obstacles in one's path are eliminated." - Amogh Bharadwaj

  • "A process through which new friendship have developed and barriers have gone down." - Shiv Nair

  • "Happiness was learnt to be shared - along with team spirit and a high sense of responsibility" - Sakshi Satpathy

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