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Pet Show

Learning beyond the classroom in an innovative manner has been the style and method adopted in our school. The topic of study for the month was animals, hence to enhance their knowledge and to have an observation session; the students of Grade 1 were off to a farm where they were exposed to birds and a number of domestic animals, both common and rare ones.

The numerous hands on activities on animals finally culminated in the day with the pets. There was an aura of excitement and anticipation in the school campus among the first graders on 2nd March 2012. Enthusiastic parents brought different pets to school. The students enjoyed watching their antics questioning the care takers on care of pets. There was also a talk by a vet who gave valuable tips on how to take care of pets.

This experience will surely help our students to take care of animals by treating them kindly and patiently thus getting invaluable training to treat people in the same way.

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