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Musical Day - “Preksha”

The Annual Music Day, Preksha 2014 was an extravagant musical talent show put up by the students of grades 1- 5 of National Public School Koramangala. This year, Preksha was a dedication to the rich and inclusive culture of India. The children in these grades have been sharing the spirit of India. Her culture, values, warmth and joy in the form of a travelogue, conducted in the course of the year. This incredible homage to the nation culminated in the form of the musical ode, Preksha.

The mellifluous rendition of various regional numbers along with a few English songs, kept the audience enthralled. The Art Exhibition held side by side added to the vibrant mood of the school. The budding authors of Grade 4 also exhibited their original short stories which turned out to be the highlight of the day.
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