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Primary School

At the primary level, it is our constant endeavour to facilitate and provide a productive learning process through activity-oriented lessons, stimulating hands-on work and extensive co-curricular activities. Learning goes beyond books through projects, multimedia presentations, group work and collaborative learning, circle time and worksheets specially designed to encourage lateral thinking.

Classifying food items

The crocodile eats the bigger number

When I grow up, I will be  …….


Hands on cloth Activity

The journey from pot to cloth

Let’s know India better


The club activities conducted every week provide a platform for the children to nurture other skills like needle work, cookery, puppet making, jewellery making, flower arrangement, origami etc. to make schooling in the primary years more vibrant and dynamic. There are other activities within the curriculum such as yoga, dance, music art/craft and physical education. All these activities taken in consonance with each other lay the foundation for an all round development during the years of happy schooling.

Creating a model of the desert

We know our plants


Finding the direction of wind

From seed to sapling

Scary skeletons? Oh No!!


Our field trips widen the horizon of the child's learning experience. Our children visit numerous places - recreational parks, post office, traffic parks, recycling plants, planetarium, museums, fire-station and industrial establishments.

Go Green - At Lalbagh Flights of Fantasy - At HAL 'Fire on the Mountain, run, runů'
- At the Fire Station

Having fun with Grade 1

Enjoying a game of cricket

Together with our class teacher


Young cricketers

A trip to TISB

Out and free!


The special reading programme is an intensive drive to encourage learners to read. Apart from library classes within the curriculum, classrooms also house library books and maintain a reading log to encourage reading.

Shhh! It’s our reading time!!


The Physical and Health Education programmes form an essential part of our school life. Through sports, we provide opportunities to all students to develop physically, socially and emotionally. Our sports instructors train the students in games like Basketball, Volleyball, Throw ball and Badminton. There is also an indoor Badminton Court.

Play out and stay healthy!!!


Yoga is an integral part of the curriculum. The school strongly believes in promoting concentration and discipline of body, mind and soul. Yoga is a preventive and therapeutic method to combat the stress and strain of modern life. The health benefits of yogic exercises are well known. In order to make this a way of life, every student undergoes training in yoga at least once a week, where professional yoga instructors give them individual attention.

Fusion of the Body and Mind
Relax and meditate
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