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Corporate Profile

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India's National Educational Board and recognized by the Government of Karnataka, India.

National Public School, Koramangala, is an independent, co-educational school, established in 2003 by Dr.K.P.Gopalkrishna, an eminent educationist, with a vision to provide quality education to serve the needs of the nationally and internationally mobile professional parents in India. The school has responded readily to modern thinking and technology, whilst retaining its own culture, tradition and values.

National Public School has around 1200 students, an equal proportion of boys and girls and representation from each of the States of India. The current student teacher ratio at the school is 10:1.

NPS, Koramangala, provides students with superior educational opportunities in a caring, well-structured and supportive environment. Our main focus is to develop young people of high academic calibre, integrity, social conscience, warmth and courage.


  • To provide infrastructure, organizational support and opportunity to students to develop their potential to the fullest.

  • To provide a strong, academic focus and foundation that will enable the students to face challenges posed by any academic programme of higher learning.

  • To gear the school's curriculum and instructional method in accordance with advances in the scientific and technological world and with the ever-changing societal demands.

  • To place immense value on the creative, social and emotional facets of child development.

  • To nurture and foster an ethos of work culture that includes diligence, self-discipline and accountability.

  • To impart superior instruction that meets the highest standards in various disciplines both at home and overseas.

  • To create in students, an awareness of the present, in order to promote an interest in various fields and developments in the world.

  • To foster in children, civic sense and a sense of responsibility to the local and global community.

  • To forge a symbiotic partnership between the parents and the school community to strengthen the foundation required for the students' success and progress.

NPS Koramangala is committed to academic excellence, holistic development and value based education by providing a healthy and supportive environment, where students irrespective of gender, capability or economic background are nurtured to be self-directed, life-long learners.

Our four-fold focus over the next 5 years is mainly to :

  • Provide a plethora of opportunities to all students to develop apposite 21st century skills to transform themselves into versatile, well rounded individuals.
  • Promote the continuing development of teachers through rigorous enrichment programmes in order to augment their core competencies.
  • Galvanize the active participation and whole hearted involvement of all stake holders - parents, teachers and students - in enhancing the quality of student learning and comprehensive development.
  • Work towards impacting the community as a whole, and the underprivileged sections in particular, by undertaking outreach initiatives and environmental projects in the immediate neighbourhood.

  • National Public School, Koramangala provides excellent infrastructure, sound organizational support and ample opportunity to students to develop their potential to the fullest.

  • The school offers a modern, holistic and integrated system of education, which moulds its students into free thinkers who can easily function as global citizens.

  • Our curriculum and instructional methods keep pace both with advances in the scientific world and with the ever-changing societal demands.

  • The school inspires the students to update their knowledge about recent trends in various fields and acquaint themselves with the latest developments in the world.

  • National Public School fosters in children civic sense and a sense of responsibility to the community.

  • As a school, we believe that partnership between family and school is the foundation for a student's success and progress.

  • The students who leave the portals of this institution will have a strong sense of integrity and commitment to their work.

  • Reach Out, Reach High and Reach Beyond, the motto of the school is reflected in every act of theirs.


The school lays stress on students wearing the school uniform on all working days. The uniform must conform to the pattern and colour prescribed by the school. There are different uniforms for games, sports and special occasions

Attendance is a matter of great importance at National Public School, Koramangala. Absence for any reason should be notified to the Principal and leave letter should be produced on the day of returning to the school.

Circumspect behaviour from students is expected at all times. Senior students must be role models to the younger students. Failure to behave with decorum may result in severe disciplinary action.

All examinations and tests must be attempted throughout the academic year. Students with special learning problems will be given individual attention.

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