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Science Learning - the "Hands - On" Way

"Science is not formal logic - it needs the free play of the mind in as great a degree as any other creative art."

Max Born

With a constant endeavour to innovate, integrate and provide a holistic education to its students, NPS, KRM once again attempts to expedite learning through the introduction of 'Science Experimental Module Units' for experiencing 'Science Learning' in an exciting and productive manner for the students of Grades 4 and 5.

Today, most educators support the notion that scientific inquiry must be a basic in the daily curriculum of every student at all grade levels. In the last decade, there has been a strident demand for reform in education. The importance of early experiences in Science has been repeatedly highlighted as it helps students develop problem-solving skills, which empower them to participate in an increasingly scientific, technological and competitive world.

Research has proved that the trend in current educational programme is to develop attitudes considered to be "scientific" such as creativity, rationality, curiosity, patience, resourcefulness, open-mindedness, intellectual honesty and humility; with each one of these being priceless as it raises the bar of learning.

All children need the knowledge and skills that make up what we call "science literacy" – the ability to make sense of the world around them. By helping students learn how to observe, inspect and infer, Science helps students sharpen their thinking and promote conceptual thinking. It involves the development of logical reasoning and critical thinking. Students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding and analyse their own thinking processes, thereby employing higher level assimilation.

The more science-literate individuals are, the stronger their society can be. Science helps shape more responsible citizens, a strong economy, a healthier environment, and a brighter future for everyone.

Using this approach to teaching science, we have designed distinctive, innovative and exclusive "Do-It-Yourself Science Experiment Module Units" to amalgamate and blend education with fun. These kits are mainly designed to impart knowledge and kindle interest in the curriculum as they provide detailed facts on various aspects of life and physical sciences.

It is important to note that tremendous effort has gone into designing these kits as teachers have provided valuable inputs on how to reinforce classroom learning through these kits. These kits are of great value as they are intended to supplement classroom teaching and help students have a better understanding of the concepts through experimental learning, thus making learning engaging, interesting and more involved.

Apart from the learning aspect, extreme care has been taken to adhere to the safety norms while crafting these environment friendly kits.

Each student will get an individual kit with all materials, so as to help him/her work at an individually comfortable pace. The learner will be given all opportunities to invent, engineer, integrate and build on his/her own, under the teacher's guidance. Each kit will be accompanied with a booklet explaining the concept. To keep the interest alive, these kits come in different Hands-On-Modules, which will be available to the children on a monthly basis, as and when a new topic or concept is introduced.

The kit has been assembled with great care to include a wide range of materials, some of which have been exclusively designed and manufactured to suit the content and the curriculum. All materials can be reused multiple times, thereby providing complete learning to all students. This method of knowledge assimilation and analysis will be an ongoing process as the kits have been well graded to complement the students' learning curve every year. We intent to expand this project to include other grades as well in the next academic year.

As always, we request the co-operation of our parents to aid the school run this project successfully so that our children are benefitted the most.

Thanking You,

Ms.Sudha Balan

Vice Principal


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