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Reflections of Students

I want to share the good news. I have completed my Masters and have found (after a lot of struggle) a job to my liking. I am now working as an Operations Engineer at Stanley Black and Decker in their Security Solutions Division out in Indianapolis. I work at the platform level and am carrying out projects very close to my area of expertise.
I want to thank all the teachers at NPS-K. Every time I attend a meeting and/or have to give a presentation, not once am I not prepared. The ability to speak with confidence, the way that I always keep my things organized and the fact that I have little or no stage fright is all thanks to my years at NPS and the exposure conducting class assemblies. participating in numerous fests and the various roles of responsibility that we were given. These small things today have made a huge impact on me and I am thankful to the teachers and the school for it!

- Prashanth Natarajan Iyer

The best part of school is the great environment, wonderful teachers and peers. I’ve learnt a lot of important lessons in school and I will always remember with happiness and gratitude the time I spent in school

- Abhinav S Rao

I studied in NPS for the four most crucial years of my school life - Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. In these four years, NPS gave me much beyond bookish knowledge. Right from grade 9 we were trained to be leaders. Each one of us was given the freedom to express ourselves, freedom to experiment with our ideas and choose the path of our choice and interest. The confidence of fearless speech, very essential in my chosen profession – law, was instilled in me by NPS. It was my second home where every teacher taught me the spirit of life. I owe it all to NPS.

- Amrita Kundu

My school gave me a great platform to learn and evolve. We were given opportunities to unleash our creative potential and go beyond mere academics.

- Arun V S

NPS, in my opinion, is a brilliant mini model of the real world that lies ahead.

- Ashwathi Shenoi

When I reflect on the five years I’ve spent in this school, the most apt and general statement that comes to my mind is this: This place has made me GROW. I’ve grown in more than a few ways. It has made me realize my true self, my real calling - apart from the many life skills, social skills and technical knowledge that NPS,K has imparted to me.

I shall always hold my school close to my heart.

- Bhargavi Ratnam

NPS Koramangala has changed my life forever. It has helped prepare me for the world ahead, and the challenges I may face. Thanks to the nurturing help of my teachers, I was able to focus my creativity in one direction – Excellence.

- Madhur Rajendran

“You never know the value of what you had until it is gone”. Now that I have actually passed out of school, I realize something – I really miss my school.

- Mayur Rajendran

These 3 years have just flown past like a gust of wind. I would like, as an NPSite, to cherish these unforgettable memories that have shaped my stay at my highly reputed school, NPS Koramangala. These incredible days that I have experienced will remain etched in my memory for the rest of my life.

- Milon Mitra

National Public School, Koramangala has helped me to become focused, responsible and a better person. I will try to make the school proud.

- Nachiketa Roy

NPS, with the rigorous academics and extra-curricular activities, has prepared us to become individuals ready to take in the corporate world.

- Neelu Mohan

NPS provides you all the opportunities available to grow as a complete human being. It has made me what I am today and I couldn’t ask for more !!

- Payal Upreti

Having graduated from a school like National Public School, Koramangala gives me pride and a sense of achievement. My school has instilled in me deep confidence and the spirit of perseverance and persistence that I will carry on with me for life.

- Pooja Suresh

NPS was a wonderful experience which taught me the most valuable lessons of integrity, diligence and hardwork.

- Sachi Singh

I had the very best time of my life in National Public School, Koramangala. Starting with academics to sports, every lesson has educated me to be a self made person. With the fond memories of my school days and my education at NPS, K I will strive to become worthy of my school’s name in future.

- Saurabh Seroo

NPS Koramangala has guided me academically as well as humanitarianly. I have spent my precious two years with NPS Koramangala and learnt the joy of participation over victory. Through NPS K, I have developed values and qualities that will guide me throughout my life.

- Swati Bhagavatula

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