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Teachers Speak...

It is important to learn from experience.It is less important, I believe, where you start, it is more important how and what you learn. It has been an enriching experience for me. The school has given me confidence, courage and continuous support; memories which I would always cherish. I feel myself so much a part of everything in my school.

- Ms. Nirmala Mohan

NPS is a vast expanse- a panorama, where each one of us strikes a distinct chord yet creates melody in unison. How we do it is a wonder, needless to say to be experienced than to be verbalized.

- Ms. Aparna Dinesh

Challenging. Enriching. Rewarding.This is how I would describe my experience ever since I stepped into the portals of this prestigious institution. Opportunities are galore; the exposure unique. The students keep you on your toes; they are energetic, curious and have a keen desire to know more. In such an ambience the learning curve can only show an upward trend.

- Ms. Jyotsna Nair

To join NPS was a dream come true, an experience that has enthralled me in my self- confidence, positive thinking and self esteem. This is a place where your mind meets with the hearts of the young and there are always memories to be cherished and treasured forever.

- Ms. Srividya P

EXPERIENCES ! This is what the time that I have spent at NPS, Koramangala has been. It has been (and continues to be), of course, a wonderful teaching experience teaching grades 6 -12 - satisfying their curious minds, catering to their high academic standards and ensuring that all students benefit at the end of the year. Apart from this, working at NPS, Koramangala, has helped me become a more organized person capable of taking on challenges of various kinds - not just academics. The school has provided excellent opportunities for me to learn the nuances of various aspects - ranging from man-management to leadership skills to creativity. As I write this, I feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction that I am associated with a school where not only the students, but the teachers too are systematically guided to do their best in life!

- Ms. Pramila Menon

Creative freedom, effective communication, challenging theories, questioning assumptions, lateral thinking and a strong sense of social responsibility are what we at NPS are continuously catering to.

- Ms. Anju C

We take pride in saying that NPS has always stood for the golden principles of discipline, self confidence and optimism. In an ambient atmosphere every facet of a rough stone i.e., a student, is cut and sharpened so that a diamond of unique quality emerges. At our school, we lay emphasis not only on academic development, but on character building, self reliance, patriotism and the zest to excel.

- Ms. Kiran Bathija

At National Public School, education is a preparation for life in an atmosphere of love, care and friendship. In today's fast paced world of competition, a student has to be prepared to face challenges with emotional maturity. The activities of the school help in developing the personality of a student through team work, co-operation and patience, thus inspiring the students to reach out, reach high and reach beyond.

- Ms. Prasanna V

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