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World Music Day

National Public School, Koramangala Celebrates World Music Day

The World Music Day was celebrated in all its splendour at our School. The school had the pleasure of being enlightened by Mrs. Tara Kini, a veteran teacher of music as well as physics, with twenty years of experience in both the fields. She was instrumental in compiling Kabir's verses and making it into a documentary. She has given concerts both in India and Abroad. Her in-depth knowledge in music and the vibrant interactive session left the students mesmerised. She took the audience on a spectacular journey through the folk songs of Rajasthan and Karnataka.

Over the course of her demonstration, Ms. Kini conveyed the culmination and evolution of classical music from its folk roots to its polished modern adaptation. An insight into Taiwanese music and western notes inspired the students to look deeper into the music world. To mark the occasion, the students put up a mellifluous 'Jugalbandi' of Hindustani and Carnatic music.

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